Since I uninstalled root firewall, I've been facing a lot of bugs concerning network connectivity; I lost tethering access and the internet became so slow. Even browsers have reported "connection refused" issues.

How to fix this?

  • Which specific firewall are we talking about?
    – Grimoire
    Commented Oct 2, 2016 at 19:55
  • I dont know what you mean but i was using "Android firewall". It's available on play store.
    – user135783
    Commented Oct 2, 2016 at 20:13

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With the help of a root browser, navigate to /system/bin/ and clear the content of the following files: iptables, ip6tables (using the text editor that comes with root browser) then set permissions for each file to read & execute only. (Remark: This will also restore tethering access)

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