I have a finger print lock and the backup is a password. I forgot the password for backup and there no way of getting on my phone. When i use fingerprint it ask for password when nothing is wrong with my fingerprint. It doesnt show a forgotten password to click when i have many failed attempts. already at 60 mins and it keeps getting higher. i have already tried android device manager and find my mobile and dr fone which i have to enable usb debugging but i cant do because phone is locked. i dont want to factory reset because i dont have it back up since about 3 weeks and it doesnt back up everything it only backs up like messeges and other unessisary things i think. I really dont understand why it ask for a password when my fingerprint is absulutly fine. BTW i have the galaxy s7 edge. is there any way to unlock the device? and when i use device manager it say it wont set a new password because one is already set.

  • Have you tried the Android Debug Method detailed here: <a href="makeuseof.com/tag/…"> Android Debug Method Explained by MakeUseOf</a>. Came across this article when I needed to unlock a lost phone. – jokersaint Oct 8 '16 at 16:47

This is a security feature of Android: it will occasionally ask for the password after being unlocked with a fingerprint (presumably in case someone steals your phone and cuts your finger off, or I don’t know why). That’s just how it works. Fingerprint is only a convenience, you really have to remember the password.

According to Google, your only option is to hard reset the phone and start it all over.

I would not be so worried about backups: nowadays most of your data is stored in the cloud. I don’t know about your situation specifically, but the only pieces of information that are not in the cloud on my phone are SMS and call history, which I don’t care about. Therefore, I would not hesitate to erase my phone.

Fine print: in case your disk is not encrypted and the bootloader is unlocked, it is pretty easy to extract all the information, but I assume, if you had bootloader unlocked, you would not be asking your question here.

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