My Galaxy S7 Edge has a broken screen (totally black, and doesn't respond to touch). However, the phone does turn on and is recognized by Kies 3 and SmartSwitch. I am also able to unlock the phone via thumbprint (sometimes), or via OTG USB keyboard input (always).

The problem is that the USB connection mode is PTP, and I can't see the screen to change it to MTP so that SmartSwitch can retrieve data from the device.

I don't have USB debugging enabled on the device, so I can't change the settings that way.

And since the S6, there's no video output, so I can't buy an MHL+OTG adapter to view the output on a TV and change the settings via mouse.

I've tried booting into recovery mode by holding volume down + power + main button for 30 seconds, but nothing seems to happen. Even if I get into recovery mode, I'm not sure if I can enable ADB, and if that setting would persist after a restart.

I've also called Samsung support, which was useless.

Are there any options for me to either enable ADB, change the USB connection mode, or send video output to another display?

  • Can you use the USB keyboard to navigate to settings and enable ADB support? You’ll just need a similar phone with working screen to know what to press. – kirelagin Oct 8 '16 at 20:16
  • A friend has one, but he's out of town for 3 weeks. Will see if I can find a store that has a spare laying around I could test on. My concern is that I'm not sure if you can actually navigate with a keyboard, or it's just for text input? – Nathan Oct 8 '16 at 21:04
  • I'm pretty sure you can, although I don't have a keyboard around right now to check. Also, this might be useful. – kirelagin Oct 8 '16 at 21:08

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