Suddely without any previous event my application has started crashing. Only stock applications work? Cleared cache of some of them but nothing happened. Do you have any ideas, or I will have to make a factory reset?:S


I have a great hint...I trie to reinstall an app and I got an error telling that there is insufficient space in my phone. Any ideas?:)

  • Did you try rebooting? – Matthew Read Nov 23 '11 at 18:52
  • Yeap, many times... – py_script Nov 23 '11 at 18:58
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    Sounds like you'd need a factory reset then :( – Matthew Read Nov 23 '11 at 19:02
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    Have you tried clearing the cache (or data) for the Launcher? – ale Nov 23 '11 at 19:08
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    Also: What device? OS? Rooted? – ale Nov 23 '11 at 19:09

I have this happen from time to time. My issue is usually just about any application, not just "non-stock".

To fix it I have to reboot in to the recovery and clear the cache. I believe that it has to do with the number of applications that I have installed, ~105 total, and the amount of data they store in the cache.

Clearing the cache usually fixes it, but only for a short time, unless I remove some applications. I am now down to about 80 and I haven't had the issue in a couple weeks.

  • How can I reboot in recovery and clean the cache? I removed may apps and it seems a little better... – py_script Nov 23 '11 at 20:36
  • I can't answer that if you have an unrooted phone, I rooted my device as I was walking out of the t-mobile store. It also depends on the device you have, and I don't even remember if the stock recovery has the option to clear the cache, I think it does, but it's been a while since I've seen it. – Ryan Conrad Nov 24 '11 at 4:50
  • So I cant avoid factory reset if I am not root? – py_script Nov 24 '11 at 9:23
  • No, you can factory reset. but I dont know how to tell you to get in to recovery. My Galaxy S, for example, I hold down the volume down + power while the device is off, then when the "vibrant screen" pops up, I release the power, and continue to hold the volume down and I get in to recovery. But I don't know if the option to clear the cache is in the stock recovery, factory reset is. – Ryan Conrad Nov 24 '11 at 14:25
  • I have made an edit, please check it out :) I have Galaxy S, too. I will give it a try – py_script Nov 24 '11 at 17:08

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