Running Android 6 on Honor 8.

When using Google Keyboard on Notepad, Messages I get my typos autocorrected with suggestions appearing for me to chose from.

When using Chrome, Gmail, PlayStore - autocorrections are not happening. Suggestions don't appear.

Please help me understand what can I do to fix this


I should mention that "Show suggestions" is turned on, along with "Next word suggestion" etc. They don't seem to appear on app applications though.

Very strange.

-- Edit

I disabled "Show suggestions" and in fact they were disabled on Notepad, Messages. It's almost as if I am using 2 different types of keyboard...

  • They should work in some text fields in Chrome. I believe it depends on the type of text box and isn't user-configurable. – Matthew Read Oct 9 '16 at 20:59
  • Maybe you have different languages configured. Long press the comma button and that should let you choose the keyboard. Choose your default one here and try – Albin K C Oct 10 '16 at 7:04

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