I have two issues: I recently added a SD card to my s5 running Marshmallow, and used ADB to convert the card partially to internal storage (I partitioned the 64GB card to allow 25% for portable storage). I have other SD cards used 100% as portable storage that I have downloaded Amazon Prime Videos to.

Problem 1: When I attempt to download videos to the portable storage portion of the partitioned card- the videos only download 75% and then stop progressing in the download. I have rebooted the device, tried multiple different videos, and other SD cards. Downloads stop at 75% (or thereabouts).

Problem 2: I am downloading to the partitioned portion of the card, because Amazon Prime Video does not recognize the partition of the sd card used as internal storage. Once the actual device internal storage is full- I receive a download error that the device does not have enough space available.

Has anybody else experienced either of these problems?

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