I have a 128 GB microsd and I do not want FAT32 on it. I have MIUI 8 (Android 5.1.1) with 3.10.49 kernel, TWRP 3 and root. For some reason mount doesn't work at all, it always produces error Invalid argument. I tried replacing it with one from BusyBox but it didn't help. Some forum guys told me that I should add the card to fstab (which AFAIK is located inside boot.img), and edit the config of vold (which is located I have no idea where). Also this. All I understood from there is that there is some storage_list.xml and I should edit it. Again, searching through forums led me to this path framework-res.apk\res\xml\storage_list.xml.
But still! I have no idea where this framework-res.apk is located and how do I unpack-repack it.
All info that I'm desperately trying to extract from google is outdated or related purely to cyanogen >_< Please give some instructions

  • Also, I don't really care if it will be f2fs, I just heard that 3.10.* kernels already do support f2fs, but if that's a spoof I'm ok with ext4 or even exFAT – mekkanizer Oct 10 '16 at 16:16

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