yesterday I finally brought home my new OnePlus3, but immediately ran into issue, when setting up the device. Whenever I got new device since Android5, I was able to use Tap&Go or just import all the data by signing into my Google Acc. However, with OP3, when I used Tap&Go or google acc signin (tried few hard resets), I was not able to choose my 5X as the device to get data from. Only my old Galaxy Nexus was shown. This resulted in phone not being setup, apps not being automatically installed or have the data restored... I had to install apps manually but the data were not restored.

As it always worked well, I guess the issue might be with Nexus 5x runnning newer version of android than OP3 (Nougat vs Marshmallow). Or that some services are missing?

Anyone got into the same situation and can help?

I also tried restoring using ADB bmgr, but it resulted in device not visible as well. Nexus 5x sees all 3 devices while OP3 sees just the 2.

shell@OnePlus3:/ $ bmgr list sets

33dbec2b8d69e175 : ONEPLUS A3003

3bcd9da5b052e84e : Galaxy Nexus

bullhead:/ $ bmgr list sets

34d36f59351444be : PiTRiS - Nexus 5x

33dbec2b8d69e175 : ONEPLUS A3003

3bcd9da5b052e84e : Galaxy Nexus

Any chance this is an issue with nougat, that it can't restore to Marshmallow? Or any other way how to force restore from 5X? Thanks

  • I agree with your guess. You can't restore a backup of an app to an older version of the app, and of course all the system apps (including the package manager) are an older version in Marshmallow. – Dan Hulme Oct 11 '16 at 8:37
  • This is not the issue, I'd understand that. Issue is, that Nougat device is not visible at all in Marshmallow. And I have a lot of apps, that are same version on M as on N. Guess it's more of a system issue, that backup format is incompatible and therefore not showing up. – PiTRiS Oct 11 '16 at 11:55
  • Tried backing up the app I need using "adb backup", but in this particular case, it ended up with really small backup, which is uselss (no data). Found at, it's really similar to backing up for example temple run - forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1986927 - data is stored somewhere where adb backup cannot reach. In ext storage in android/data, there are just cache files. Seems lost, I'll have to wait for A7 update for OP3 and then restore needed app from cloud. – PiTRiS Oct 16 '16 at 16:26

For reference: One way is to use Titanium Backup app on older phone and then just restore the app's data on newer phone after transferring the backup data. The same thing could be accomplished using adb from your home computer, but you'd have to backup each app's data separately.

see this thread for more: How to backup an Android device?

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