I'd like to use the MyPhoneExplorer application to sync my Android smartphone with Windows over USB. This requires first installing a driver for the phone and the ADB application.

However, the official driver seems only available as part of the Huawei HiSuite bloatware: http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/HiSuite_en/index.html

Can someone confirm that there's simply no official driver from Huawei, and the alternative is either installing that bloatware, or find a non-official (possibly virus-carrying) driver somewhere?

Thank you.


Ex Honor 6 user

Confirmed. There is no other way except installing Hi Suite or risking unknown driver. Tried unsuccessfully with several trusted universal drivers

This is my conclusion after I searched in several forums like XDA, Huawei forums ( trawling is a problem as they are in Chinese and one had to depend on Google translate) and Facebook sites of Huawei users. My search was motivated by unconfirmed posts that HiSuite send user information to its servers- bloatware I could live with. I was left with no option but install HiSuite

  • Thanks much. I'll just install HiSuite, then, rather than installing some unofficial driver. – Gulbahar Oct 16 '16 at 5:54

Drivers are not distributed as standalone package in order to increase market penetration of the HiSuite software. It's quite popular marketing strategy: you can get what you want only in bundle with something you don't actually want, but need to get the primary item is big enough to make you buckle in and get the whole package.

Nevertheless, you can circumvent the bundling yourself:

  • download the HiSuite installer.
  • open the installer .exe with 7zip and extract its content preserving internal folder structure (a trick that works on most installers)
  • find something that looks like the driver
  • run/install it, preferably on a disposable system first, to prove it's what you want.

In HiSuite version it was \$_OUTDIR\Driver\all\DriverSetup.exe. Works with P8 Lite and Mate 7.

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    This is very good, saved the trouble of installing extra software. I already have HiSuite on another computer (just for storing backups and the like). – Karim O. Aug 16 '17 at 4:08

I was looking for those lately, sorry for Golden Shovel award, but if I found this thread then maybe someone else will find this helpful.

Download installer for this HiSuite. Unpack it, like archive (I use 7-zip). It asks for file replace, just 'yes' it (it is because installer format, don't worry). If you order your Windows to look for driver inside this unpacked folder it will find it, but from catalog tree you should know what's what.

Bang, you have driver without installing crapware.

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    duplicate answer – PythoNic Oct 19 '18 at 19:07

If you just want to directly access your Honor (I've got an Honor 6A) phone, go to "Settings", "About Phone", press 7x "Build Number" - the phone tells you, that "You're now a developer!".

Go to the new "Developer Options", activate "USB Configuration" an choose MTP or PTP. After that I could access the internal phone memory and the SD card directly via Explorer in Windows - without installing HiSuite or any Drivers or something special. Without these steps I only got a HiSuite Installer Option and no access to the phone's memory.

  • Thanks! "Developer options" are near the same menu as "About phone". – CoolMind Dec 14 '19 at 20:07

As @Gulbahar said, there is no way except installing the HiSuite or relying on unofficial drivers.

What I did and worked was installing HiSuite, restart my pc, and without connecting my phone to HiSuite for privacy concern, uninstalled HiSuite software. Happily when I uninstalled HiSuite it did not uninstalled the driver :).


Perhaps it is because my phone is brand new (Nova) but when plugged into windows 10 it asks if for charging or file transfer. If you chose the latter you can access the phone and memory card.


You can install manually the Google USB driver that comes with the SDK for Android developing, it works to use adb on several Android phones, when you're in the process to install it, Windows might tell that the driver might not work properly, but it doesn't care.


Here is the official way to install the driver. It is suggested to connect the phone as a virtual USB-device and install drivers from it. Worked fine for me.


Actually there is a solution, so follow guide below:

Step One

1.download "HiSuite" from this link: https://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/HiSuite_en/

2.extract the compressed file then extract "Hisuite_8.0.1.302_OVE.exe" file using 7-zip.

Step Two

To install the Android USB driver on Windows 10 for the first time, do the following:

1.Connect your Android device to your computer's USB port.

2.From Windows Explorer, open Computer Management.

3.In the Computer Management left pane, select Device Manager.

4.In the Device Manager right pane, locate and expand Portable Devices or Other Devices, depending on which one you see.

5.Right-click the name of the device you connected, and then select Update Driver Software.

6.In the Hardware Update wizard, select Browse my computer for driver software and click Next.

7.Click Browse and then locate the folder you just extracted from ".exe" file

8.Click Next to install the driver.

Good luck.

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