I think that the question is different to What Apps Are Running, I want to know what apps are logged in.

I discovered that couchsurfing, despite not using it for months was logged in, eBay was, likely others. I don't particularly want them collecting data.

Short of opening each app and checking, is there a system way to do this?

  • See this answer for a more versatile app – beeshyams Oct 20 '16 at 16:34

I am not aware of system level approach but this app gives you a view OS Monitor. There may be other apps too

It offers the following information.

  • Processes - monitor all processes.
  • Connections - display every network connection.
  • Misc - monitor battery, processors, network interfaces and file system.
  • Messages - search dmesg or logcat in real-time.

Snapshot from the app on my device below

enter image description here


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