This happens to me a lot, but let's use today's example. I click a soundcloud link in facebook, it redirects me to play store to install soundcloud app. Fair enough. I install and go back to facebook to click the link again to open in app. AGAIN I get sent to soundcloud app in play store. Now it is obviously installed already so I click open, but when I do it seems like the link has been forgotten on the way, so I only get to the soundcloud home page. This happens to me with many links and many apps, opened from both Chrome and facebook. Any tips on how to fix this minor bug?

You can try to clear the default actions for Google Play store App from Android Application Settings to get an option to choose the app which launches the link from Facebook.

  • Go to System Settings>Apps>Google Play Store
  • Press the "clear defaults" button to clear all the default actions set for Google Play Store

After you do this, clicking on the link should let you choose the app(e.g., SoundCloud) that you want to launch the link with.

If you have a website online you can embed your song in that website and send the link to your website with the embedded soundcloud player. This is a little bit awkward, but it works for me (c) .. see for an example. It should play the song without the link to an app installer.

You are s.o.l., unfortunately. SoundCloud messed-up the Facebook sharing process for anyone with an iPhone or newer Android. The links don't work; they don't take you to the website; they take you to the app store, even if you already have the app. Its probably time to jump ship to another service. It's been like this for a while and SoundCloud is making no attempts at fixing it. According to them, it's working as intended.

  • But I experience this with quite a few other apps as well. Can I override the directing or no? – alexbraathen Oct 21 '16 at 10:12

Make sure that facebook and its messenger app are set to open links externally.

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    This is a good idea, but to be helpful you need to edit your answer and explain further. How does one make sure that they are set to open links externally? – Dan Hulme Nov 27 '17 at 11:39

I solved this: SoundCloud links can be opened in VLC => copy link, open in VLC.

  • What's written in the question, is that the SoundCloud one is just an example, and that the same symptoms are shared between a lot of apps and links. Are you sure that your answer be valid for any case? – Death Mask Salesman Mar 16 at 13:37

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