I'm currently on Android 5.* and I wanted to upgrade it to 6.0 - I downloaded official firmware and the tutorial gave me 2 ways of installing it. One way is through system (Settings -> Updates -> ... -> Local Update) and the other way is by holding appropiate buttons while booting. I HAVE copied update.app to external SD into 'dload' directory! The problem is, that my device has TWRP installed and whenever I want to upgrade firmware, it sends me to TWRP instead of sending me to upgrade recovery section.

In fact, I can get to EMUI upgrade recovery mode, but when I do, it just 'checks' the update file and second after starting to install it, it says, that install has failed. I'm 100% sure firmware is correct and I'm doing everything as I should.

The question is: Is there any other way of installing Android 6.0 on my device? It is rooted and bootloader is unlocked. Maybe I can do it somehow through bootloader?


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TWRP is a custom recovery. You have to do these things before uphrading

  • Uninstall TWRP ( after taking a backup)

  • Install stock recovery

  • Unroot

  • lock bootloader

  • Upgrade using the key combination method, which wipes data and does a clean install- always preferred for a version upgrade

  • Unlock bootloader and root

This XDA post does not talk about rooted devices but this mentions that out will not work on rooted devices. Procedure is from my experience with Honor 6

  • So there's no other way to run UPDATE.APP?
    – Kajcioch
    Oct 23, 2016 at 14:29
  • No. To the best of my knowledge
    – beeshyams
    Oct 23, 2016 at 14:42

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