I run a VPN on my local pc before running my android emulator (memu), This successfully changes my ip but my dns remains the same as the exact dns on my local pc. I would like to know how I can block or change the dns on my android emulator so it matches the one from my VPN / proxy


Normally you can set the dns server if you configure a static ip. This can easily be done in the wireless settings.

If you don't want to set a static ip you can use third party apps like DNSset.

[edit2]: DNSSet might not be the right app because it will open a separate VPN connection. But Dns Changer might work. Simply enter your dns server in the dns server field and press DNS to accept the change.

[edit]: I don't know how your emulator connects to the network (cellular or wifi). If it's using wifi you can go to wireless and networking options, Wifi settings, More, Advanced and finally Use Static IP. Now you can set your static IP and the dns server. This will not work if your emulator uses a cellular connection.

  • thanks, you didn't really explain how I would go about changing the dns server through static ip or dnsset in my android emulator – stan Oct 24 '16 at 9:56

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