My smart phone kept turning off and wouldn't power back up or stay on long enough to use it much unless I had it plugged into an electrical outlet; so I cancelled my cell phone service but continued using it too look up my contacts so I could call them on a landline. Is there a way I can retrieve my cell phone contacts saved on google by using my computer?

  • Did you synchronize them with Google? As in that case, you can simply log in to Gmail using your web browser and export them from there. – Izzy Oct 24 '16 at 21:13

You should just be able to sign into your Google account on your device and if you had your account settings to automatically back up your information such as contacts, photos etc they should come right up on any device you log into.


As your contacts are synchronized with your Google account, you can:

  1. get them in Google Contacts or
  2. use an export tool to select just the contacts you want and export them to a CSV file.

I am sorry but if there was no backup or if the contacts were not synced to any service, there is no way to get those contacts back unless you try professional data transfer like Mobiledic Android data recovery to retrieve contacts or other data from Android phone.

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