My xperia M5 dual device had been put on for charging. When I plugged it into the charger it had around 60% of the battery power remaining. I kept it charging for around an hour and removed it from the charger. The device had gone switched off and I could not get it back working.

When I powered on the device, it showed me the Sony logo and some starting screen. Then it went all black. When I powered it again it showed me the Sony logo again same happened. It was not a boot loop since I had to manually switch the device on to see the startup screen again.

However, the third attempt to switch the device on was not successful. I plugged the device back to the charger and it showed me the red indicator indicating me that the device is connected to the charger. But I realized that although the charging indicator was there, the device was not charging. (If it had been charging properly, the indicator LED should switch the color from red to some lighter red and then after 90%, it should become green). The indicator LED was in red color every time.

Then I removed the device from the charger and was busy for about a day and I did not touch the phone. Then I connect the device back to the charger and for my wonder, it showed me the charging icon on screen and it had been charging properly. I waited for it to be 100% and switched it on again. The same thing happened. It showed the Sony logo, and then the startup screen, and then went all black. Again the battery was 0% I think and when connected to the charger battery LED was red all along the day.

After two days, same thing happened. But this time the device came past the startup screen and showed the screen of apps are updating. During that process, the phone went off again.

After a long description of the symptoms, this is what my question is. I need to know whether my phone is soft bricked or hard bricked. Will I be able to get my phone back to work. In fact what I need is to completely retrieve the storage and wipe them out completely before handing over to the shop for the repair. My device is still under warranty.

I tried get into recovery mode by pressing power button and the volume down at the same time. But I couldn't. Is there any tool or method which can help me in this case?

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