I've just got a new phone (Oneplus 3 from old Samsung S4), and I'm having issues with location in Google Maps - I'm trying to share my location with family (via G+ app), but overall I'm seeing some odd behaviour.

If I go to Google Maps on my device, my location is correct.

If I go to Google Maps on my desktop machine, my location is wrong (out of date from the time at which I swapped mobile devices)

My G+ location is also refusing to update - showing the out of date location on my desktop, and on the G+ app on my device putting a red dot for me in the correct current location but with the text of 'old location 19h ago'.

Stuff I've tried:

  • Check location sharing is on (both pinpoint and city) in G+
  • Check location is on in Google Maps 'Google location settings'
  • Check location history is on in Google Maps
  • Logging out of Google Maps (on device) and logging back in again
  • Closing Google Maps (and G+) apps on my device
  • Check correct device enabled on Location History (via Google Maps)
  • Check location is correct in Google Maps (on device)
  • Check I'm signed in on the same account with device, G+ and Maps (I only have one)
  • Try Android device finder from desktop (it is correct!)
  • Try 'Your Timeline' >> 'Today' in Google Maps on desktop (it is correct!)
  • Turning device off and on again (multiple times)

I'm running OxygenOS (3.2.5), with Marshmallow (6.0.1)

Any ideas?



Got this fixed via the Google maps forums. Nothing exciting, some horrible caching going on requiring a bit of resync. see: https://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!msg/maps/1t32l4OC9Mo/RkLr1hV3AAAJ for fix. Just providing an answer for anyone encountering this issue!

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