please how do i restore my samsung Galaxy s3 IMEI number? I have tried to this code(*#06#) from my service provider(Aitel) in Nigeria but its not working. Does anyone has any other suggestion that can work?

  • If you are looking to find your IMEI number , app mentioned here can help – beeshyams Oct 25 '16 at 15:49
  • 1
    @beeshyams If * #06# (Space not included, damn syntax) is not giving an output, it's a serious issue. It pulls the number straight from the efs- so said /efs is not having a good day. – Dan Brown Oct 25 '16 at 22:24
  • @DanBrown: yep.. But sometimes these codes don't work like on my second Note 2, you'd never be sure of its going to work or no – beeshyams Oct 26 '16 at 2:26
  • @beeshyams Fair enough. Besides, can't you find this info in settings > about phone? – Dan Brown Oct 26 '16 at 8:22
  • @DanBrown: should be but Sammy plays vague, see this for an example where you can't get device serial number too. They mod it too much and leave out useful stuff it looks like – beeshyams Oct 26 '16 at 8:29

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