I abhor this.

I had this issue on my Samsung Galaxy S3 where I would take a lot of pictures, it would show the thumbnail of the picture taken in the lower-right square linking to the gallery (so I was assured it was taking my photos). However, when I opened the gallery, my pictures were not there. I lost a whole roadtrip of photos and it turned out that the SanDisk external SD card put itself into read-only mode and I had to send it in to get it replaced.

However, now I'm on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and I took a picture today that's not showing up in the gallery. This time my external SD card is a Samsung chip. I can't reproduce the issue, but is there any way to make sure it isn't my external SD card? Or could it be a camera setting where it's only taking a temporary photo?

  • On Moto X Play, running Marshmallow ( which I presume is your case too), in my camera settings I have options for saving pictures to phone/ external. You can check on yours – beeshyams Oct 27 '16 at 16:50
  • You can accordingly choose, but Samsung is known for giving too many options, buy my guess is that this option would surely be there – beeshyams Oct 27 '16 at 16:58

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