I'm attempting to connect to my SSH server via Tor on my rooted Android.

I couldn't find an SSH client for Android that supports the use of a SOCKS proxy, so I tried to use transparent proxying with Orbot for a number of SSH clients.

So far I've tested JuiceSSH and Serverauditor.

JuiceSSH seemed to have issues with my private key for SSH and Serverauditor just reported that the connection failed.

SSH via Tor works fine on my computer.

edit: I've manged to get the private/public key thing working with JuiceSSH and I've also tried to use ProxyDroid (can't hyperlink due to low reputation) to proxy all system traffic through Tor (SOCKS5,

JuiceSSH now keeps trying to connect but doesn't get much further. Serverauditor still just very briefly tries, then reports that the connection failed.

How can I connect to my SSH server via Tor, using private/public key authentication?

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