Background: Several phones, different firmwares

Elephone p7000, Android 5.0 based rom

Xiaomi redmi note 2, three different roms (5.1 based Cyaonogen, 5.0 based AOSP derivative)


Installed a VPN app (Shadowsocks, OpenVPN, reproduces on both)

Now added an iptables rule like that

iptables -t filter -A OUTPUT ! -o tun0 -p all -m owner --uid-owner [uid of an app] -j REJECT

1) On elephone p7000 (android 5.0) and Redmi Note 2 (Cyanogen, A 5.1) the app now works only if VPN is connected

2) On Redmi Note 2 (AOSP 5.0 based ROM) app no longer works whether VPN connected or not.


a) where does android VPN service's policy based routing stuff "normally" happen relative to netfilter packet flow ?

b) Which one of the aforementioned behaviors is the "normal" android behavior?

c) Is there a way (a clever ip rule trick, perhaps) to re-implement behavior 1 on systems exhibiting behavior 2?

Hope I was clear (not native speaker)

Thank you

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