I have a Moto G3 with a measly 4GB of storage, so I bought a 32GB SD card. I installed it as internal storage. I have a subscription to Google Play Music and spend alot of time without an internet connection so I download alot of music. I set GPM's storage location to the SD card, but when I try to install apps it says I'm out of room even though there's plenty of space left on the SD card. I took a look at the storage and GPM is using practically all the internal storage. I guess apps can't install it you don't have internal storage free? I'm also confused because the SD card shows different amounts used in different menus. I need to either get GPM to store on the SD card like it should or get apps to install anyway.u


I guess you are on Andorid Marshmallow (6.0.x).

When you put that SD card to your device it should have prompted how want you use the new SD card: as a portable device or internal storage.

So I think you have choosed the portable device option.

In this case to use your SD card as internal storage follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have made a backup from your SD card before the formating.
  2. Go to Settings -> Storage
  3. Select your SD Card -> tap the three-dot menu -> Settings
  4. Select Format as internal -> Erase & Format
  5. Your SD Card will be formatted as internal storage
  6. Reboot the phone *

*: This is very important, otherwise you may end up frustrated with issues like MTP not showing SD card, some apps not working properly, etc.

P.S.: If you are on Android Lollipop (5.1.x) you have to root your decvice and use 3rd party apps to move app data from internal storage to external storage (SD card).

  • I definitely set it up as internal. I put a screenshot to show. – Hephaestos Nov 1 '16 at 11:30

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