our corporate config firewall to allow Android Phone use App to Map Location , our programmer use fused location provider API (GPS, Network etc) to Map , but the Phont is in the internal network,and deny access the internet , except for a few allowed sites (white list, *.google.com) and internal network,

we need the IP addresses/Domain List or range of IPs that Google uses for this domain. Is this information provided anywhere ? we check on https://developers.google.com/, but can not found any thing we need. we search some forum , get some ip & domain but not sure its work,

◦mt0.google.com ◦mt0.googleapis.com ◦mt1.google.com ◦mt1.googleapis.com ◦khm0.google.com ◦khm0.googleapis.com ◦khm1.google.com ◦khm1.googleapis.com

please help and thank you.

by Lain drupal2018@gmail.com

  • Did you find answer for your question? – abbas.aniefa Oct 5 '17 at 12:17

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