Hei, I Just installed CM14 on my Nexus 6p + Gapps. All clean, fresh unlocked etc. Cyanogen boots up to setup-wizard the device, select the language etc. But after the wifi selection the "tranfer data from another device" opens up and I can not cancel it / proceed it. Can someone help me with this ?

  • I changed 3 times the language and got back of the screen . Then an crash report came up and I langed on the "complete setup" screen. – Twiebie Nov 10 '16 at 10:34

As of now the Setup Wizard is known to be broken across multiple devices on CM14.x.

The solution for now seems to be removing /system/priv-app/CyanogenSetupWizard from your recovery. But the trick is that you shouldn't just delete it; instead, move the folder elsewhere for backup, then boot up into the OS properly. You will notice things like the notification bar and recent keys working weird. Don't worry - boot into recovery again and place that folder back to where it was, and set correct permissions (rwxr-xr-x for folder, rw-r--r-- for file). Reboot and you should see the Setup Wizard briefly come up but goes away if you interact with it. That's it - now start using the phone as you would normally.

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