I've been using a Moto E 2nd generation that I bought in Europe, but I've now returned to the US and am replacing it with the US version (XT1527) of the same phone because the European one (XT1524) doesn't get LTE service with my carrier, AT&T.

The old phone is running Android 6.0, but the new one only has Android 5.1, and offered me no options whatsoever to transfer anything over when I set it up.

I'm no Android expert, so forgive me if the answer should be obvious, but…what's the best way for me to get my apps, app data, and settings transferred across to the new phone?

I sort of thought Android was supposed to offer to do this for me at setup, but maybe it doesn't work when moving to an older version of the OS?

Thanks so much!


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If you have a pc and patience you can transfer all things from your old Android smartphone to new one. For contacts Transfer your contacts from phone to your gmail ID(add a account then press sync contact in account section..Google it if u don't know) For photos Normally photos are stored in

Internal/DCIM Copy it into your pc

For apps Download a app called App Backup Restore - transfer And backup all your apps and transfer it to your pc For game/app data Its usually stored at internal /Android Here you will find 2 folders one is data and other one is obb Data contain all the data's of apps and small games Obb contain files of large games


You can use Xender or ShareIt to transfer all files from old Android to your new Android phone. Hope I help you

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