Im very new to this world of technology, i have the ZTE Z Max pro from meteo pcs and want it rooted. This phone sounds much harder to root compared to the stylo i had. I dont completely understand what TWRP and flashing is. Is there anybody thata willing to walk me through it, like android for a dummy? Lol

  • If you're that new to technology, then rooting might go against your interests, since the root user is able to alter almost anything on a device, to the point of making it useless. – Death Mask Salesman Nov 15 '16 at 15:55

Since you are new to technology rooting might not be the best way to into technology especially with your zmax, which seems to be a bit more difficult to root. But if you really want to root your phone have a look at androidforums.com, e.g. this discussion about rooting the zmax.

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