So I have a relative who's spending some time on the other side of the planet (Japan). To facilitate communication, I had set up dual clock a while back to show both, local and Japanese time on lock screen.

Now - probably due to some update or other - it doesn't show up anymore, just local time. I checked the settings and it's changed. "Dual clock" is still turned on but I cannot select what times to display, anymore. Instead, the option now reads "show both local and home time zones when roaming" (unless that's a different clock, in which case I'd like to know where the other went).

This is seriously stupid. I tried setting my home time zone to Japan, but that didn't trigger dual clock -- my guess is because I'm not roaming. Disabling automatic date and time doesn't change anything either.

Using Android 6.0.1 (Build Number MMB29K.G935FXXU1APGO) on a galaxy s7 edge.

How do I turn dual clock back on?


I believe that the Dual Clock only works when you are roaming. I could be wrong of course, but last time I left the UK the Dual Clock only appeared when I was connected to an internet connection and was in the location; when I got back into the UK the Dual Clock completely disappeared, and it hasn't turned on since. Hope this helps :)

If you're happy to not have Dual Clock you could just check the Clock app; but I'm sure you're not happy otherwise you wouldn't have posted this.

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  • Seriously?! This is EXACTLY why I don't like updating stuff. You just never know what you'll break NOW. Why can't the (supposedly) smart guys developing these "features" at least give an OPTION that lets one restore useful behaviour? What good is a dual clock that you can't turn on?! Oh wait I know that one ... it's more "convenient": Instead of looking at the time, you're not looking at the time. That way, you have more time to look for a clock that ACTUALLY shows the time so you can LOOK at the time. Worthless. (and no, I'm not happy about this :P) – User1291 Nov 16 '16 at 14:36
  • That was a fantastic rant :P I'm sure someone has asked Samsung before but you could ask a support email about this problem? Maybe they'll actually listen to you rather than sending out an automatic email that never goes anywhere... And I also hate the way you can't turn on the Dual Clock when you want to; it just seems like a waste for people that don't travel very often. Either way, whichever way you decide to resolve this, good luck friend :) – Zaarinn Nov 17 '16 at 8:49

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