I am trying to find the last used time of an Android application.

UsageStats is the way, but prior to Android Lollipop, this information is not accessible programmatically. Please suggest to me some way if it is possible to access UsageStats for the version below Lollipop.

What I tried to get the last used is the access date and time of the folder generated by apps in /sdcard/Android/data/pkg_name, but the problem is not all the apps make this kind of data folder.

Is there any other possibility to access the date and time of the applications?

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One can access the last modified date of /data/data/{package_name} programmatically. The directory structure inside {package_name} is not visible in a non-rooted device, but the last modified date of the {package_name} folder can give an approximation when the user last access an app.

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