I have an LG G3 phone with Android 6.0. It works okay, and I like the built-in LG Keyboard as it uses word suggestion (meaning that when I type I lkie my dosg it corrects every word, so I get I like my dogs in my native language - it is not English).

Recently, I've downloaded Outlook Android and tried to write an email to my co-worker.

Imagine my surprise when I wrote the following: Dera Freind, This is teh new Andorid Outluk... and no word were suggested in my LG keyboard.

There are no keyboard related settings in Outlook settings (as a matter of fact, those 3 settings don't relate anything other than the account).

When I type in the subject field, it works normally, but in the letter body, no suggestions appear.

So, can you tell my why Outlook suppresses the LG keyboard settings?

Can I enable word suggestion without installing any custom keyboard?

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I have reported the issue to Microsoft's feedback forum, and a few weeks later they fixed it and now it picks up the suggestions that the keyboard offers (I fancy that it was because of my report but can't confirm it :)

So, as of version 2.1.125 (170) mainline, the issue is fixed.

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