So my Nexus 5 just crashed (screen froze, i tapped power button once as if i wanted to activate lockscreen, led to it instantly turning off) and i cant get it to boot. It isnt stuck in bootloop though, i dont even get to see the google logo. Tried getting into recovery mode (pressed power + both volume buttons) and held it long enough, but still no reaction (doesnt vibrate either). Ive been using the android 7.1 version for Nexus 5 from here (http://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/orig-development/wip-aosp-nougat-nexus-5-t3446875) for about a week now and it seems fine so i doubt that caused the problem. Im willing to try anything that might get my phone to work again, dont mind losing data. Thanks in advance

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