When installing an android app i got this error . Is there a way to solve this problem without factory reset ?


If you don't want to actually remove root, there are several methods to try to prevent specific apps from determining that you have root access. Depending on the detection methods used by the apps, you may or may not be successful.

Try looking for root hide or root cloak in the Play Store or on xda-developers.com.

If you can install the Xposed framework, you can also try the module Root Cloak.


Here's what you do :
-- If you are rooted with Super Su. Use this guide to remove SuperSu
-- Install Magisk. Phone to phone there is some variation. Use this guide to install Magisk.
-- Install Magisk ? ok now use Magisk Hide option and see if it detects. If it does then use a 2nd op in Magisk to repackage it randomly to another name and every chance it will skip detection.
If still no luck install any app cloner and call that app in dual space ( virtual environment )

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