Each time when i turn on my WiFi, ads will popup and apps will get installed automatically. Some times WiFi switch's on automatically and junk apps gets downloaded.


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It would appear you have some sort of malware. I'd consider one of three options:

  1. Antivirus - May get rid of the virus without harming your legit files.
  2. Fresh reinstall of the stock ROM - WILL get rid of any viruses...along with anything else you had on your phone. It WILL NOT fix any malware-esque behaviours that were built into the rom
  3. Install a custom ROM - Like 2), will get rid of any viruses and the popular custom ROMs, for example Cyanogenmod, do not have any malware-esque behaviours. This option requires you to root your device and unlock the bootloader. Googling 'install cyanogenmod ' should tell you what you need to know.

I would try the solutions in that order to save on unnecessary lost data or technical ordeals.

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