Nexus 6 Android 7.1

I've been having an issue where I will hold the home button down to pull up search, tap on the search bar to bring up the keyboard, and within a few seconds the search bar clears itself and closes the keyboard.

I made a screen recording to show you the issue in action. The first instance I don't type anything, just wait, and it closes itself. The second time I starting typing and it happens again. So basically every time I open search I have to tap the search bar, wait for the keyboard to close, then tap the search bar again, then it works... until i need to search something else.

Here is the screen recording.

And here is a logcat of the crash.

12-03 10:01:36.449 824 1796 seems to be what it spits out when the keyboard actually closes.

Thanks in advance, this is driving me nuts.

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It turns out that Nova Launcher is the culprit. Using another launcher fixed the issue for me.

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