My phone is Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML, Z00AD).

As described in another question, I was unsuccessfully trying to unlock my bootloader. In the process, I also lost the stock recovery.

I learned how to flash stock recovery to repair it.

My firmware version is WW- I haven't been able to find the stock recovery file for that exact firmware version. However, I have been able to get a hold of the WW- stock recovery file. I was told on XDA-Developers that this would be fine, so I flashed it via Fastboot.

It seems to be working, although I haven't tried to actually flash firmware through adb yet.

I'm now unsure of which firmware to flash through adb, WW- or WW-

I have two conflicting ideas.

On the one hand:

  1. Since the recovery file I flashed with fastboot was 196, then perhaps I should also flash the 196 firmware file?

Or maybe:

  1. If I flash the 198 file, perhaps it will also restore the 198 stock recovery? In that case, perhaps I can just flash the 198 firmware?

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Flashing: Not the rude one, the android one!

honestly, You should flash the 198,to ensue you get the right files. You might need to unlock the bootloader again, but I doubt it.

Also, to answer the title: Yes, Flashing the Stock OS will Flash stock recovery. Unlike custom ROMS, Stock ROMS Re-flash the RADIO (Also known as /efs in Samsung, is responsible for mobile data, calls, WiFi, etc.) The system, the recovery, kernel, boot image.... And more!

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