Xperia Z3 D6633

I followed the very many tutorials (pick any on google) saying to flash (in fastboot) the file bootZ3monxtest01.img

fastboot flash boot bootZ3monxtest01.img

Now I have a bootloop around the sony logo.

No system, only recovery (TWRP) available

I can also reflash the whole system through Sony's Flashtool, but it kills the point, as a custom working recovery is required for later rooting

Obs. 1: Needless to say that the "usual" is to flash recovery onto recovery partition. I tried that. Nothing happened

Obs. 2: KingRoot rooting method worked, but I fail miserably to replace it by SuperSU

Obs. 3: It's my third attempt


  • The Flashtool also provides a rooting option, you can give a try. Just connect the phone with ADB and hit the padlock icon. – esQmo_ Dec 12 '16 at 11:53
  • Yes, yes ! That's an important detail that I forgot to mention on the main post: tried this built in tool both in flash mode and fastboot. Both returned an error that unfortunately I cannot remember. Can't remember either why I didn't try to research about that error... Could've resolved the issue much earlier... – Lucas BS Dec 13 '16 at 13:16

I found another method (buried lightyears deep on the net):


It flashes the recovery via ADB (requires a prior kernel change, though, that can be restored after)

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