What I have.

  • Portable Projector with DLNA & Miracast functionality.

  • 5.1 Channel speaker with bluetooth.

  • Android devices version Marshmallow[6.0](Alternate devices with Lollipop[5.1] also available)

Current situation.

  • Movie(Video & Audio) streamed to projector from android device via DLNA/Miracast
  • Stereo Output from projector to the 5.1 Channel Speakers.


  • 5.1 Channel Speakers becomes just stereo speakers.

  • Speaker placements dependent on placement of projector.(I want to fix them and not not move them).

What I am looking for.

  • Stream ONLY the video playback to the projector from the android device via DLNA/Miracast.

  • Stream ONLY the audio playback from android device to 5.1 channel speakers via bluetooth.

Can this be done? is there any app available for the same?


Possible with android 5. Using zenfone 2 videocast to WiDi and audio to JBL Charge 3. It is not possible with android 6

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  • can you list out the steps how you did it. – Sangeet Menon Jan 9 '17 at 7:59

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