I am trying to record all the video calls with my parents. However, every video chat app that I know does not support recording option. I have tried 3rd party screen recording apps but did not work. It seems the screen recording app clashes with video chat app for the microphone. So all I get is recorded video chat but with no sound or good recorded video chat but the person who I am calling cannot hear my voice.

I searched everywhere and even contacted google support but with no luck.

Would it be possible? or would I have to wait for video chat app to start supporting recording?

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I'd recommend you to use Az Screen Recorder.

I'm of the belief the device you want to run this on is a relatively new device supporting Android Marshmallow. That's cause Android added that package as an extra feature for 5.0 devices and above.

Az screen recorder will record video without issue. When it comes to audio it uses the mic to stream audio. So you'd need to make your call on speakers and not using headphones or Bluetooth speakers. I personally haven't tried this and will update my answer once I do. But with my previous experience using the app it should work.

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    Thank you for the reply. Sadly, it did not work for the video chat. Since only 1 app is able to utilize the microphone, I cannot simultaneously talk to my parents with video chat and record the sound generated by the video chat. So basically, I am stuck with perfect video chatting experience but the recording has no sound (it did captured video) or perfect captured video with sound but my parents on the video chat app cannot hear me. Jan 24, 2017 at 5:34

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