Although I have 500 mb space left on my android lollypop internal memory, When I try to install or upgrade any of the apps I got a message that your memory is full.

How can I sort out this problem? I have searched for this problem a number of times but nothing helped, Please any body sort this problem.

Currently I am using lenovo a2010 model.


According to the specs, the A2010 comes with 8GB internal storage. Taking a look into our insufficient-memory tag-wiki tells me that error is thrown when there's less than 10% free space in internal storage. 10% of 8 GB are ~800MB – your free space, as pointed out in your question, is 500 MB. So sorry to contradict you, but no: you really don't have "enough memory".

As for solutions, please check with the very same source (our insufficient-memory tag-wiki), which contains some first-aid hints and links. We've collected that there as this is a question asked frequently on our site.

  • Sorry to contradict you ,but in my phone I have got only 4 GB space. – Shivam Dec 15 '16 at 14:43
  • I've just looked up the specs as you didn't specify :) Same thing, though: error gets triggered around 10%, so that's ~400MB then. You didn't specify what apps you've tried, but as soon as the size of those reaches ~50MB you are sure to trigger the threshold, as you must at least double the size of that: the (1) download must be (2) installed. (1) won't be deleted before the entire process is finished. The 10% are just a default which the ROM creator might have modified, so it's just an estimate/guideline/rule-of-thumb. – Izzy Dec 15 '16 at 16:13
  • the apps i am downloading or updating are around 10 - 20 mb but still then are not taking place. Is there any way to install apps in memory card? – Shivam Dec 15 '16 at 17:05
  • 1
    As I wrote: the 10% are a "rule of thumb", and your device is definitely scratching that. As comments are not for discussions, I won't discuss this here further; please check with the linked tag-wiki, details can be found there. As for installing on SD card: That's a different question, and has been answered here already multiple times. In short: the apps and your device must support that, or your device must be rooted. Be welcome to use our site's search. – Izzy Dec 15 '16 at 17:10

I would suggest you to do the below ones.

  • change your setting --> storage --> from internal to external SD card. At times, after reboot the system takes the internal as default memory.

  • Download appmgr 3 from google play store and follow below steps or documentation.

This will help you to select multiple apps at once to be moved to external sd card.

I had similar problem but I have documented the steps. Please check out my documentation.

If you get stuck, feel free to comment.


There comes a great feature to solve this problem,
You can change your primary storage card from internal to external SD card
In order to this,
Step 1
Go to "settings"
Step 2
Select "Storage"
Step 3
Select "Default storage location"
Step 4
Choose External SD card
Note: This feature is special because mostly many apps can't be moved to SD card (like Google products), so by changing default storage location, the result will be APP's main resources will be in internal but rest in external SD card which saves a lot of storage. (I did it).

Some extra tips: Also change default storage location (this option available in few apps) like in camera, google offline maps, youtube offline videos etc. And don't install a junk cleaner app, they are useless cause more harm then helpful.
Hope, this solves your problem.

  • Also remember the 'cache' under storage settings, it does empty lots of space. – Sher Khan Nov 3 '17 at 13:16

Go to device storage and clear the cache memory.

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