I have an unrooted phone. It has facial recognition so I am able to unlock it and use. I need to recover my pattern. I have tried copying, backing up, removing gesture.key but permission is denied( no surprise there) I even tried to give reading/writing permission to gesture.key using chmod but again permission denied.... different errors 100700 etc.

So is there a round about root to open the gesture.key file...

Or where does the number of incorrect pattern store themselves and allow me if I can change its value so that I can guess my pattern. (Less than 500 combinations)

Thanks.. Again the phone isn't unlocked or rooted.


I don't know about this implementation specifically, but I would expect that pattern is hashed when it is stored (encrypted) - so that even if you could recover it, you would also need to de-crypt it.

Anything dealing with security will be purposely locked down, so users or apps can't abuse the system.

Even if the phone was rooted, I think you would still have problems recovering this information.

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  • Hey booger, it is encrypted with SHA 1 unsalted. – Shailesh Dec 17 '16 at 5:07

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