I've installed a game through Google Play and I would like to analyze data files to see where information about progress are stored, but I can't find any folder of the game itself.

In sdcard/Android/data there is no game folder. Wehre should I look?


Applications keep their data in /data/data. It is a folder that resides in a partition that a normal user can't access. In order to access there, you have to root your phone and download another file explorer application that can browse /data.

I'd personally suggest Nextapp FX File Explorer with Root Add-On or ES File Explorer.

  • I think Root Explorer is the best root file explorer
    – user191256
    Jul 10 '18 at 5:24

You need to root your device.

Download an Root File Manager, im using Xplore File Manager but you can download Root Explorer app. Goto /data/data/ (package name of the app) / (whole data) Note: you need to root your device.


If u don't have root for this phone one possible work around is that you can back up the game using phone's built-in backup app. Then u may unpack the backed up file. Or just recover the backup to someone else's rooted phone, or an emulator.

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