When I got my first cell phone I was told to put a "In case of an emergency call XXX" at the top of my list of phone numbers. While I haven't ever benefited directly from that, I have benefited from similar emergency preparedness advice. My old phone finally made the trip to electronics heaven (RIP dear RAZR) and I moved over to a Verizon Android phone (Samsung Stratosphere - with Gingerbread 2.3.5). I really like that I can "lock" this phone to prevent someone else from using it in malicious ways, but I would really like a method for someone to be able to determine who my emergency contacts are, and ideally contact those people, if I'm ever incapacitated.

When I saw the "Emergency Call" button I thought that might be the functionality I was looking for, but it isn't - ( What is an "Emergency Call," and can I set number for it? )

Is there any way to have two or three people and their contact info accessible without unlocking the phone?

Clarifying edit: Maybe I'm being picky, but I'd also like to have my emergency contacts actually able to be contacted, i.e., someone could pick up my phone - without knowing the lock code - and actually be able to call my emergency contacts.

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    I'd still go with ID and maybe a card with contacts on it in your wallet ;) – Matthew Read Dec 3 '11 at 23:51

Matthew's comment seems most practical ...

But you can try Contact Owner; that displays info for one contact on your lock screen. I use it; it works fine.


There are quite many ICE (In Case of Emergency) apps on the market; these apps displays your contact information in your lock screen.

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