I have a Motorola Moto E running KitKat 4.4.4. It somehow got into TalkBack mode and now I can't swipe the screen to get into Settings. I did a factory reset, but it's still there! How can I change the settings when I can't get to them?


If you have inadvertently enabled Talkback, you can quickly pause it then go to the Settings and disable this feature.

  • From anywhere on the screen, swipe down then right in a single motion, as if you were drawing an “L”. (This should work whether the phone is on the lock screen or unlocked.)

  • You will then see 2 options in the top corners of the screen, select “Pause Feedback”.

  • When the Suspend Talkback message appears, double tap “OK”.

  • You can now normally go into  Settings > Accessibility and disable Talkback.


Hold the UP and DOWN volume buttons for 3 seconds, then do it AGAIN.


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