I recently updated my phone (using a custom ROM), and it appears to be that my phone now doesn't have bluetooth.
Well, it do have a bluetooth radio, and that Bluetooth.apk on /system/app, but when I turn the bluetooth on, it doesn't do anything; I mean, it just immediately turn itself off everytime I turn it on.

My phone is Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360HU, running Android 5.1 Lollipop with CM 12 / 12.1 (I can't remember; I'll update this one ...) and TWRP Recovery installed. It is, of course, rooted.

Upon Googling, it only suggests things about Bluetooth Audio (which I am not looking for ...), and how to fix them.

I've done a bit research, and found out that newer versions of CyanogenMod ROMs come with an unfixable bluetooth.

Should I install a different type of ROM (such as Resurrection Remix), or should I go installing the stock ROM?

Please HELP!

Update (1) :

The ROM that my phone is using is CM12.1

UPDATE (2) :

So, the link (outdated) for the quick patches is now dead.  Luckily, I still have the file.

Here is the updated download link.


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This seems to be a known problem when using

[ROM][5.1.1][SM-G360H/HU] CyanogenMod 12.1 for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

The original developer >>doesntexits<< already knew this and provided a flashable zip file which seems to fix problems related to bluetooth.
Known Problem to the developer

This flashable zip file has to be downloaded and installed through the recovery.

all this information can be obtained from the original post on XDA-Forums


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