I want Uber on a Kindle for an elderly friend who can't use smartphones. Currently, I'm using ES File Explorer (ESFE) on my Galaxy S7 and Kindle. I made a backup of the Uber APK file on my phone, then transferred it to to the download folder of my Kindle via remote manager (Android->PC via wifi, then PC-> Kindle via windows explorer). However, when I click install from ESFE on my Kindle, it just gives me a parse error. Any suggestions? And yes, I have enabled "allow apps from unknown sources".


What Kindle device is that? What is its Android version ? You should know that, for most apps, the android version matters.

Apps downloaded from your Galaxy S7 (running Android 6.0, I presume) will not work on a device with a lower Android version, that's why you're getting a parse error.

Download it directly from Amazon AppStore.

  • That would make sense. The whole reason I'm doing this though is that the app store won't let kindles get Uber/Lyft. – Errorum Dec 22 '16 at 17:41
  • Check which Android version the Kindle has, then download an APK for that version. Did you a least follow the link I provided ? – esQmo_ Dec 22 '16 at 18:08

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