Using Lenovo A6010 Plus with the latest update of Android 5.0.2. Here is the problem:

When I go to GBoard Settings > Dictionary > Add-on dictionaries, I simply look for the language I want to add and mark it. The status changes to "Downloading", but in a second, it goes back to "Available" again, and no downloading starts or language dictionary added.

Marking the language to download Automatically stopping the download

Google Keyboard comes with the phone and it can't be uninstalled. The problem occurs after updating Google Keyboard to Gboard (the new Google Keyboard name). What I tried:

  • Restarting the phone.
  • Allowing unknown source installation
  • Trying the same exact steps on another phone, on the same WiFi, and verifying it works (is there any way to transfer the dictionary after downloading it from one phone to another ?)
  • Trying mobile data and disabling WiFi
  • Uninstalling the update and installing it again

Looking forward to any suggestions.

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I had the same phone and the same problem.

Yesterday, I have installed "Norton Clean, Junk Removal". Open it and make it clean. After that, I can download any add-on dictionary.

  • Thanks for answering. Doesn't work though. It seems because this phone comes with old google keyboard and after updating it doesn't accept dictionaries .. as I understand from reading so far, it might be license issue that I don't fully aware of.
    – Anddo
    Feb 15, 2017 at 8:35

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