I download music from various sites offering music for free (because I lack any sort of disposable income to legitimately download them). After changing their names into ones that make sense on my computer, I load them onto a memory card and then try to play them. They play just fine but their titles seem to be totally different from what I changed them to on my computer. For example, I renamed a file to "The Chainsmokers-Closer" on my computer, but in Google play music it reads "TERGOS. RU". What is causing this and how can I solve it? Should I format the memory card as input? Should I put the renamed files directly onto my internal memory? Re downloading the song doesn't seem to help

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Google Play Music is most likely reading the MP3 tag instead of the actual filename. There are two ways to edit the MP3 tag.

To do it on your computer, I have used in the past mp3tag. To do this from your phone, you can use the application iTag - Music Tag Editor. If you prefer neither of these methods, you would have to find a music player that does not read the MP3 tag but instead reads the filename. I use Poweramp and in the settings of that application, under Look & Feel > Player UI, you can set the player to read the titles from the file names.

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