This Christmas I gave a Wiko Lenny 3 to my son, it comes with Marshmallow. When trying to install a parental control I sadly discovered that there's a bug (I suppose) that is well documented for Lollipop/Samsung, that prevents accessibility services to be activated.

In other words, as soon as I activate the parental control in the settings/accessibility/services option, it always appears off, although it's on, and resets to off randomly and at every reboot. This makes totally unusable the parental control.

The questions are:

  • is there a fix for this? (Any solution with battery savings was tested with no success)
  • is there a way to understand, via logs or monitorings, what is preventing the services to be activated?
  • would rooting some how change something?
  • is it safe or even possible to install a different and clean Android version?

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Changing the launch setting to start manually and not automatically seems to work.

In Huawei devices, it can be found in Apps - app name - Battery - Launch.

"Launch" option on Huawei device

Battery saving options, on the other hand, didn't help in my case.

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