I have a Galaxy S3 on CM 14.1 (Android 7.1.1). I formatted the SD Card as internal storage. Then I couldn't access my internal storage from my PC, so I switched back. I formatted the SD Card to portable storage.

Now, my internal storage (now listed as "internal shared storage") is "empty" when I connect it to my PC. I've tried:

  • wiping data, cache, and reinstalling CM 14.1
  • taking out my SD Card
  • reconnecting to PC as PTP, etc.
  • using another USB cable, port, etc.
  • restarting multiple times

Nothing seems to work. What can I do?


I fixed it by doing the following on Clockworkmod Recovery:

  • Clearing all caches (go to mount/unmount --> clear all caches (system, etc.))
  • Unmounting, then mounting everything (System, SD Card, Media, etc.)
  • Format SD Card (from CWM). (then I had to restart to connect SD Card with CM 14.1 zip file).
  • Reinstalling CM 14.1

Now I finally have the internal storage and portable SD Card formatted correctly.

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