I am speech impaired and trying to find an APP that I can use on my phone using TTS and can have active conversation without having to go through a 3rd party. There are plenty of APPs for the TTS but I have not been able to find one that I can incorporate into actually speaking (me texting) to a live person.

Currently I am using "TALK" APP from Google Play Store just to use phone and TTS and communicate with someone I am face-to-face with but would like to do same thing via phone. If anyone knows of such an APP or a way I can accomplish with multiple APPs, any help would be appreciated.

  • I don't really get it... You want to send the voice of TTS through a regular phone call, so that you can communicate with others away from you? Why is instant messaging not an option? – Andy Yan Jan 3 '17 at 3:08
  • Hi Andy, IM works fine with friends and family and email works in some cases. but I need something for calls to other places, such as making a doctor appointment, or a business that does not have IM or email available to the public. Also it would help for when someone calls me and they are not aware of my speech impairment. I hope that clarifies it more. – Steve H. Jan 3 '17 at 18:25
  • Ah that, makes much sense. Upvoted for awareness. – Andy Yan Jan 4 '17 at 0:50

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