I'm interested in putting CyanogenMod on my Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S). The FAQ on Cyanogenmod says:

Q: Do I have to wipe my data before I install CyanogenMod?

A: Short answer: Maybe. Long answer: Maybe.

I understand there's a possibility if something goes wrong that I might have to wipe my phone. However, in the Vibrant instructions right after booting into ClockworkMod Recovery it says to "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache partition". That seems to me to indicate that a factory reset is required, which I would think would wipe out everything on my phone.

Is it just that the Vibrant's instruction require a reset or am I not understanding something? Thanks!

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In my experience, yes. I tried without wiping and CM7 failed to boot.

  • My experience, too. I tried once and I boot-looped. I tried a different time and it booted, but practically everything I opened force closed. Dec 7, 2011 at 2:08

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