Is there anyway I can have custom commands for google assistant, which will show results how I want it to be?


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IFTTT now supports Google Assistant. You can create your own commands that interact with any of the IFTTT connected platforms. For an instance you can have a digest where you give notes to GOogle, and at a custom time every day you get those notes sent to you on email. Direct link to Google Assistant account with a lot of applets

As IFTTT interacts with all kinds of platforms, you have a large world of opportunities when it comes to creating your own commands. There are a lot of pre-made applets, including things like turning off lights, there is even one where you say "good morning" to the assistant, and it turns on a coffee machine

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    I really appreciate you adding the second list. Sites that hype themselves while trying to get you to "try" them while providing no documentation or materials to evaluate before you try them really grind my gears.
    – Michael
    Dec 22, 2017 at 1:06

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